Buckle your seatbelts and get ready to take a musical journey around the world, this Friday at Unified Theatre’s fifth annual end of year performance.

The performance is entitled A Musical Trip Around the World and will take place in the auditorium. It will showcase musical performances and skits involving different music from around the globe.

“This show is very special because each year, we write the show ourselves,” said member Caroline Lane ’17. “All members of the group contribute to produce a fun, creative, script.”

Other members are excited to take part in this exciting event. “I’m excited to show everyone’s parents what we’ve been working on,” said Liz Johnson ’17. “I think it’s a really funny show and it should be a great performance.”

The show will feature 11 students doing a variety of dances from around the world. “Unified Theater is a wonderful way to meet students with or without disabilities, in a fun, creative environment,” said Lane. “Everyone gets to show their creativity through writing our own script. Our show exhibits many different students’ talents in a relaxed, always enjoyable, atmosphere.”

The performance features a variety of skits and dance numbers. Some of the songs incorporated are specific to the nation they come from, while others are culturally appropriated.

The club makes there own costumes using their own clothes. “We start by creating a concept, then writing the script,” said Lane. “Then we work on the sets and scripts over a few months.”

“My favorite act is probably the finale,” said Johnson. “We are dancing along to shake it off and we get to do the chorus in American Sign Language.”

The performances are at 1:30 (purple block) and 3:00 and admission is free.

(Celia Golod ’17, Photo Editor)


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