Even though twins Brian and Matthew Tom ’16 have their own distinct styles, they each have a knack for creating art that is creative and original.

Brian and Matthew are in the same intensive drawing and painting class. Brian also takes sculpture and Matthew enjoys his intensive metals class. They have been interested in art since their early years.

Matthew has a more realistic approach to his art. “He is very technical, well balanced– a good mix between creativity and technique,” said Brian. Brian, on the other hand, “thinks outside of the box, and has his own stamp on things. [He] is not afraid to be different” said Matthew. Mr. Reddy, their drawing and painting teacher, added, “Matt tends to focus on the human figure while Brian develops creatures and characters,” said Reddy.

Helen Liu ’16, a fellow artist, also recognized their distinct styles. “Their styles are both very unique. And strange in a good way. Matt’s style is fun yet sophisticated. Brian’s is playful and thought-provoking” she said. Although the Toms have their own original styles, there are some similarities. “We like darker, edgier art, even though we are not edgy people.”

Creativity is yet another thing they share. “Their creativity is amazing! Accuracy is something people can learn over time but their imagination is not something just anyone can acquire.” Liu said.

Since the Tom brothers are twins– and their older sisters are twins– symmetry is big part of their art. For example, Matthew’s medals project is based off symmetry. “Being twins also shaped their art in a different way. Because we are always compared, it drove our styles in different directions,” said Brian.

Matthew also recognized how technology has exposed them to different arts, and follows Mark Ryden, a pop art artist, on Instagram. Mr. Reddy agrees with Matthew. “Their styles are graphic, vibrant and powerful. I believe their style is influenced by pop culture and contemporary artwork” he said.

Brian, who focused more on characters, draws his inspiration from Walt Disney and Hello Kitty. He “like[s] animation because it is not real,” said Brian.

Although the Toms are both immensely talented, there is always room for improvement. Matthew hopes to improve on his observational work in drawing, while Brian wants to work on his technique and ability to use shadowing, especially in paintings.

(Julia Clapham ’17, Staff Writer)



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