As the school year grows closer and closer to the end, and the warm weather begins to set in, senior projects begin. Seniors might are able to explore their creative interests, help further a cause or awareness, better the community, or even try to create something in a person’s memory. A letter to students and parents from advisors Adrene Gorman and John Brown says, “we urge them [the seniors] to choose a project they would personally enjoy, something that would inspire passion, a project they would like to explore and experience…a project that would have meaning specifically to them”.

This is a time for the seniors, during the last month of their high school career, to focus on something other than school. Students can present any project in the world to the board for approval.

As long as the project is deemed acceptable by the senior project committee of teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors; fulfills the various requirements of working thirty hours a week, and keeping a daily time sheet which is signed by an on site advisor, students get the go-ahead once they sign their contract committing themselves to their senior project.

There are those like Luke Ehrlichman who seek a project that relates to their passion, “I’m very interested in videography and thought the whole concept of kids sharing their videos is great”. As a result Ehrlichman is organizing and setting up the high school film festival on May 19.

Andrew Lull and Charlie Bolton, as co-captains of the Volleyball team, are running a volleyball clinic for middle school students. As Lull said, they are doing this “in order to grow volleyball as a sport”.

Lull discussed how his project was important to him, saying, “we wanted to help our [volleyball] program, since it is still new, to get more players interested in the sport”.

Seniors often choose projects that have personal significance to them, like that of Neda Shabestari, who said, “I’m making a candy wrapper dress in the memory of my friend Hannah Randolph. Before she passed away she was collecting candy wrappers to make a dress, so I’m trying to fulfill it for her in a way”.

Although senior projects are typically a time of fun and relaxation, there have been obstacles. “It’s been a little challenging to get people to submit things [videos]” said Erlichman.

But for most, it is a great end to four years at the high school. “It has been fun overall and a good end to my high school career” said Ehrlichman. “I want to leave the volleyball program in a better place than I started and by creating interest I believe I am doing so,” said Lull.

(Jackson Posnik ’16, Staff Writer)Seni


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