April 20 marked the 119th annual Boston Marathon, an event celebrated throughout the Wellesley community.

30,000 official participants participated in this year’s marathon, which raised 181.9 million dollars for the Greater Boston region.

“I had a great time watching the marathon this year,” said Sara Hockett ’17. “I loved cheering on the runners as they crossed the halfway line.”

A few members of our own community represented Wellesley in the run. Wellesley resident John Worrall took on the challenging 26.2 miles for the his first time this year. “I’ve watched the marathon for many years, never thinking I would ever be able to run it myself,” said Worrall. “I started running two years ago, and have worked my way up from a few 5k races, to a 10k and then a half marathon. This year I was ready to try a marathon, and not just any marathon. This is Boston.”

Since the bombing in 2013 the marathon has changed, but the atmosphere remains the same. “The most important thing is that in a sense, nothing has changed.  The race is still run,” said Worrall. “Tens of thousands of runners and even more fans are committed to make sure that the tradition of the Boston Marathon continues even after the tragedy two years ago. Security is tighter, but that is, at most a minor inconvenience for the runners and the fans.”

Worrall had a good time at his first marathon. “The crowds along the way were fantastic,” said Worrall. “Even with the poor weather, there was great support for the runners all along the course. The crowd really emphasized how amazing something like the Boston Marathon is.”

Worrall ran the race to raise money for the Family Aid Boston.” It’s a great organization that helps families that have lost their home get back on their feet and into safe, comfortable housing,” said Worrall.  “People don’t realize that families with children make up a large percentage of the Commonwealth’s homeless population. Everybody, especially kids, deserve a warm, safe place to call home.  By running the marathon, I raised over $7000 to help out.”

Many members of the Wellesley community participate in the event in other ways. Tony Czubarow `18 worked as a volunteer. “Volunteering at the marathon this year wasn’t as enjoyable because of the freezing rain,”  said Czubarow. “I still was happy to take part by helping out the runners and giving them water and gatorade.”

Austin Sussman was named fastest runner in Wellesley with a time of  2:48:49. Rachel Klehm finished second with a time of 2:58:23.

(Celia Golod ’17, Photo Editor)


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