One of the new policies that was established at the high school is the decision to prohibit the ability to assign homework over vacation, whether it be a long weekend or, week long break. This subject has been a controversial topic in the high school, but as most students can attest to, it’s a long overdue change.

The student handbook states, “Academic excellence is a core value at Wellesley High School, and we remain committed to rigorous instruction and an enriching curriculum.  We also value the importance of rejuvenation and reflection time for both staff and students.”  Since we are committed to rigorous instruction, it is important for teachers to give students the time they need to recharge and relax their minds.

Mindy Kessler, a member of  School Council, explained that, “a lot of decision happened prior to making it a policy.” At the final school meeting before transferring into the new high school, months of debate between students, teachers, and parents culminated in the decision to prohibit the assigning of homework over vacation.

The policy has been inserted into the system with only minor complaints, as Kessler states, “I have not had a parent call in regards to this. I have had a couple of teachers say it is hard to cover all the material for an AP course.” Overall, the policy has been able to meet both student, teachers and parents expectations, with little to no objections.

Although it may be long over due, we can thank our staff and parents on the board for thinking about the students. During these stressful times, students need a break from the hectic school environment. Prohibiting the teachers from giving homework over vacations is the best way to ensure the students have the break they deserve.

(Luke Fontana ’16, Staff Writer)


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