In a life surrounded by tests, sports practices, essays, college applications, projects, and quizzes, it’s hard for students to find the time or place to incorporate creativity into their lives. However that is just what the Moving Company does.

As the dance division of the performing arts department, the Moving Company concentrates on the artistic aspects of dance (unlike the dance team, which focuses on the athletic elements of dance).

The group focuses on incorporating unique types of choreography into its routines. “We try to get a lot of different angles and expose kids to different types of dance,” said Janet Sozio, the director of the Moving Company. In the past, the troupe has incorporated step routines, bucket drumming, martial arts, and even physical interpretations of poems into their dances. “It’s a mainstream with funky,” said Sozio.

The Moving Company works on a variety of routines, diversifying both the styles of dance and the leadership. This year, Sozio choreographed two routines. She describes one as “modern contemporary” and the other as a jazz piece. In addition, two veteran Moving Company dancers will each choreograph and teach a piece. Neda Shabestari ’15 has choreographed a duet number, and Hannah Starr ’16 will dance her own ballet solo.

Starr is excited to continue her long career in dance, which dates back to when she was two years old, as a choreographer this year. She said “I just feel so happy when I dance, and I am excited to share my happiness with my friends.” Star also added that she enjoys the creative element of the Moving Company, saying she looks forward to “express [her]self”

These dances culminate in the spring showcase “Footnotes”, which is a collaboration of performing arts and different dance groups. The Moving Company will perform their modern contemporary dance accompanied by one of the high school’s orchestral groups.  In addition, the Moving Company will be joined by numerous other groups including the Step Squad, dance groups from Dana Hall and The Cambridge School of Weston, as well as the middle school’s Mighty Steppers and Junior Moving Company. Sozio is especially excited to welcome for the first time the dancers from Rhode Island College. She hopes that their involvement will be an “added layer” to the show, which will now showcase middle school to college level dancers. Additionally, she hopes that it will inspire some of the high school dancers to continue dancing through college.

Sozio strongly encourages people to become involved with the Moving Company, or at least watch their show in April. “We’re very small and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of the busy high school life,” Sozio said. “But we’re such a strong, vibrant program, and I want people to see what we’re doing.”

(Olivia Gieger ’17, Arts Editor)


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