As students are skulking in the misery of a broken bracket, the Student Unification Program is looking to unify the student body with the bracket challenge. SUP is using this frustration as a force to unify the student body.

SUP President Tyler Jung ’15, who is also the Senior Class President, looks to continue a tradition that has taken place each year that he has been at the high school and is very optimistic about the challenge succeeding in unifying the student body.

“SUP is trying to unify the entire school through a common love for college basketball,” said Jung. The goal is clearly not to make money, since the fee to enter the competition is only one dollar.

The students are also highly enthusiastic about the challenge. “It is a fun challenge to compete in. I’m not the biggest basketball fan, but it is still fun to compete in the challenge and watch the tournament,” said Brandon Chow ’17.

The person with the most accurate bracket will win a secret prize. Unfortunately, SUP will not be able to match the billion dollar prize for a perfect bracket, offered by Billionaire Warren Buffett. “We wish we could match the prize, but we simply do not have the funds, because the goal is to unify the school, not to make money,” said Jung.

Even though the  tournament has had several upsets, and most people have busted brackets, Jung does not want people to doubt their chances of victory. “There has never been a winner with a perfect bracket,” said Jung.

(Dillon Hourican ’18, Staff Writer)


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