The Linden Store’s reputation as a great place to enjoy sandwiches and smoothies has been well known since 1933. Recently, it has undergone renovations after taking over the space directly next to the delicatessen.

On Saturday, January 17, the Linden Store closed at 3 pm for the final stage of renovations after eight months of construction. The store remained closed for two weeks while they underwent the final renovations and they were scheduled to open again on February 2, but this date was delayed a week because of the snow and officially opened on monday, February 9.

The owners, Mark and Greg LeBrun, decided to renovate when the space next to them became available 1 ½ years ago. Previously, this space had been occupied for over 50 years.

The main reasons for renovations were because “Business has grown in size, and it is hard to work in this small space. We want to provide a better customer experience and a better work experience,” said LeBrun.

Because the Linden Store opened in 1933, the owners wanted to give the new space a “warm, vintage– but updated– feel,” said LeBrun.

In anticipation of the reopening, customer Becca Manse ’17 was looking forward to the larger space. “There will be more room, which means it will be less crowded,” she said.

Although these renovations lasted eight months, the business had only been affected in a positive way. “Customers are excited about [the bigger space] and the renovations have only been happening on the area next door,” said LeBrun.

One major renovation that the LeBrun brothers decided to execute was to build a longer counter going across the store. “ The eating space was much more spread out so that was nice,” said customer Grace Ronchetti ’17.

Other than enjoying the sandwiches, Ronchetti also likes the atmosphere of the deli. “The atmosphere is great. [There are] lots of kids and adults eating food happily,” she said.

Ronchetti also sees the value in a larger floorplan. “I think on future half days it may be a little less chaotic because of the extended space which will be nice,” she said.

(Julia Clapham ’17, Staff Writer)


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