Kathryn McCabe, a 2010 graduate of Wellesley High School, has returned to school – this time in a teaching position.

McCabe works in the Family and Consumer Science Department, often generalized by many students as “Child Lab.” McCabe is a teaching assistant in the lab where she helps Ms. Marquedant, the director of the department. McCabe also teaches the class Teaching Young Children.

This is McCabe’s first year as a teacher. She graduated last May from High Point University where she received her Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees.

McCabe became interested in working with children while taking child lab courses when she was a student at the school. “This child lab center is a lot different than the old one,”  McCabe said, comparing the child lab space at the current facility to the one in the old building. “The current room is much much less dark, and it’s not in the basement.”

McCabe also commented on some of the other changes she has noticed since she attended Wellesley, such as the new advisory and house system: “It’s cool to come back and see the changes,” said McCabe.

In her free time, McCabe enjoys hiking. She also has an interest in photogrography after taking a photography course with photo teacher Mr. Johnson while a student.

It is great that McCabe wants to stay involved here at Wellesley, while also following her passion of working with children. “The best part about working in Child Lab is working with the little kids as well as the older kids. I really like seeing the kids grow, whether they’re the three and four year-olds, or the high-schoolers working in the lab,” said McCabe. “It’s just a really great thing to see,” she added.

(Jameson O’Neil ’18, Staff Writer)


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