The arrival of spring means more than just warmer weather; the junior class boat cruise is also just around the corner. To help finance the boat cruise, senior prom, and senior banquet, the junior class held an auction on March 21 at the high school. The Junior Auction committee aimed to raise around $50,000 and they succeeding in raising more than 250 total donations, a record amount. The student raffle also made over $3,000,  which was another record.

Hosting these events can be expensive, so the committee hoped this auction would be a success. “We’re raising money with the goal in mind of making the upcoming class events like the boat cruise as affordable and accessible as possible so the entire class can come together and make some great memories,” said junior class president Teddy Sevilla ’16.

Many different groups and people were able to help in a variety of ways. “People donate an awesome variety of items, ranging from ski houses to authentic home cooked meals from different global cuisines” said Sevilla.

Establishments in Wellesley also got involved; “Local businesses like Truly Yogurt and the Linden Store have been very generous in their donations. It’s really great to see the commitment some of these companies have to the town community,” said Sevilla.

The event was organized by the class officers with help from parent volunteers. “Without the help of the parent volunteers, the annual auction would not be the fantastic event that we have, and I know that the other class officers and I are so thankful for their help,” said Sevilla.

On the actual night of the event, things ran smoothly. “The night start[ed] off with guests arriving at 7:00, and from 7:00 until 9:00 the guests mingled and bid on silent auction items and student/teacher raffle items. Around 9:00 our live auction began where student volunteers auctioned off items like a new car from Wellesley Toyota and a year of free Linden sandwiches to bidders. After that, parents had time to pick up items they have bid on and check out,” said Sevilla.

However, not all of the money is raised for the class events. “We also donate 10% of the proceeds to a charity. We are donating to First Book (a non profit organization whose mission is to provide disadvantaged children with new books),” said junior class Vice President Emily Zeytoonjian ’17.

(Julia Clapham ’17, Staff Writer)


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