“Everyone is always saying to get girls interested in computer science and other STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math] fields, but all I see [are] people giving me great opportunities to do what I love,” said Eleanor Boyd ’18, a freshman who is new to the high school this year but hasn’t wasted anytime figuring out exactly how she can fit in.

As someone who excels in math and science, Boyd sees those areas as part of the blueprint for her future.  In addition to her academic courses, Boyd also takes a weekly computer programming course with Girls who Code, an organization that aims to close the gender gap in technology and engineering sectors, and she also participates in the Women in Computer Science club at the high school.  “[Computer programming] is about leadership and problem solving, and it’s really important to get girls involved because they’re a minority in the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math] fields in general,” said Boyd.

Boyd is also successful in other academic disciplines beyond math and science.  “[Boyd] is very meticulous in her work and very mature for her age,” said Shima Khan, her English teacher.  “She has a fine balance of sensitivity and intelligence that allows her to read into literature.”

Valuing community service as both a Girl Scout and a member of the high school Key Club, Boyd’s interests go beyond her academic pursuits.  “It’s really important to have service in your life because it puts how lucky we are in Wellesley into perspective and helps give back to the world,” said Boyd. “I think giving back gives your personality another dimension and helps you not sweat the small stuff in a town that values a lot of smaller things.”

Her spirit for service extends beyond the traditional concept of community service as well.  Boyd is an active member of the high school’s Green Team, carrying on a passion that began for her in middle school.  “I think [sustainability] is really important because we are the next generation and we’ll have to deal with how the planet reacts to how we live on it; if we destroy it, then we won’t have a home,” said Boyd.

Boyd also played on the freshman girls’ soccer team this fall and sings with the concert choir.  According to Boyd, a fundamental part of being so involved is through organization.  “I balance all my activities by staying on top of my school work and being efficient with all my [other] work,” said Boyd.

According to Boyd, joining the high school community has most involved a certain level of decision-making.  “There’s a lot of opportunities, so it’s hard to figure out which ones you’re going to focus on or which things you want to try,” said Boyd.  “That’s also a positive, but you just have to choose because you don’t have that many hours in the day.”

(Matthew Hornung ’16, Media Director)


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