Will a fifty million dollar international level skating complex be popping up in Wellesley?  That is one of several proposals for the 8-acre plot of land at 900 Worcester St., which has attracted many promising offers from prospective businesses.

The 900 Worcester St. Committee scheduled four final meetings to review the  Requests for Information (RFI) that various companies accepted, such as The Skating Club of Boston and The Wellesley Sportsplex.  The last meeting was held January 28, when respondents who were interested in constructing fields or courts gave their proposals.

The field proposals were not discussed until the 28th, prior to which five rink and pool proposals were pitched to the committee.  Only after all of the RFI responses have been considered will the committee reach a final verdict, likely in the early fall of 2015.

The Skating Club of Boston offered one of the more ambitious proposals, a three-rink international level skating complex, with one rink reserved for the Wellesley Public Schools and, more specifically, Wellesley Youth Hockey.  Another ambitious proposal came from The Wellesley Sportsplex, requesting permission to build two rinks, two courts, and a turfed field open to year round use.

Andrew Wrobel, a member of the 900 Worcester St. Committee, has high hopes for the eventual outcome of the property, saying, “The final recommendation will look to maximize the value of the property to the residents of Wellesley.  The development of the site should improve the quality of life for some residents while creating new opportunities.”

Although the site does have certain drawbacks, like its floodplain and wetlands,  there is no lack of interest in the property.  The town of Wellesley should look forward to a major facility upgrade in the coming years.

(Alex Doe ’16, News Editor)


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