Girls Swim and Dive

The Girls Swim and Dive team, coached by Doug Curtin, has won 70 straight dual meets over the last six seasons. In addition to their six-year dual meet winning streak, the team also won three sectional and state championships over the past four years.

Heading into this season, while the team would like to continue their winning streak, they are focused on their common goal of improving and bonding as a team. Unlike the other sports at the high school, the swim and dive team doesn’t separate their athletes into different levels such as freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity. 

“We all train together, compete together, and I think that helps to build a culture where everyone has a collective interest and mentality around our team values,” said Curtin.

“Team spirit is at the center of our practices and meets. We are a team that is motivated by each other.  Each swimmer brings their unique energy to the pool deck that enables a positive atmosphere,” said Captain Izzy McKay ’24.

Each season the team is motivated to work hard and continue to develop as athletes and as students. Continuing to be competitive means that they need confident swimmers and divers in and out of the water. 

“Our goal as a team has always been to work hard, be resilient, and then see our hard work pay off as we hit the postseason,” said Curtin.

Girls Field Hockey

This season the high school’s Girls’ Field Hockey team hopes to qualify for the state tournament and to earn a higher power ranking than previous years. To accomplish these goals the team is making an effort to work harder than ever before and to build a bond with each other on and off the field.

“We motivate each other by giving each other positive feedback, cheering each other on from the sidelines and on the field, and showing each other what it means to be a part of a team,” said Captain Lulu Weiss ’24.

To continue strengthening their bond, the team has the same traditions before every game. After warm-ups, they share either a goal they have for themselves or a goal for the team that they want to achieve during the game.

“We will achieve these goals by working as a team to obtain a deeper understanding of how we play as individuals, and putting 100% effort into everything we do,” said Weiss.

Girls Cross Country

In 2022, the Varsity Girls’ Cross Country Team placed first at the Division 1B and All-State meets. This season, they are ranked number 1 in the state and hope to bring home a Division and a State title, as well as completing an undefeated season. 

In addition to those ambitious goals, Coach Cassandra McLaughlin hopes to build a supportive team that works together as a cohesive unit.  To support these goals, most cross-country practices focus on two key areas – race strategy and motivation (both on and off the course.)  In the end, this focus will reap benefits during the season and beyond.  

“Running is a lifelong sport and passion that I hope to instill in all of my athletes,” said McLaughlin. 

Boys Golf

Two years ago, the Boys’ Golf team finished second in the State championship with captain Ryan Keyes ’24 earning the individual champion title at the State tournament.  They also finished first in the Bay State conference. Last year, the team won the Cape Cod National Invitational and tied for second place in the State championship.  They also placed first again in the Bay State Conference.

This season, the team hopes to repeat the success of previous seasons, which includes winning another state championship.  But the team isn’t taking success for granted. 

“If the boys are committed to playing and practicing every day, we have a very good chance at winning the state championship. If their efforts are lackluster and they are not committed mentally to playing every day, I think our goal will continue to be just that, a goal. You can’t win if you don’t put in the physical and mental work.” said Coach Ken Bateman.

Varsity Boys Cross-Country

This season the Boys’ Cross Country team would like to qualify for the MIAA All-State meet and perform well in the dual meets against other teams in the Bay State Conference. The cross country team has been doing consistently well since winning the state championship in 2016, finishing in the top three numerous times after getting the state title.

Besides doing well in races, they also hope to build a sense of community among the team,  talking regularly over text and FaceTime and hosting dinners before each meet, where Spikeball and Comella’s Pizza are staples. 

“We are a very close-knit team despite our practicing separately based on ability,” said Captain Max Hoffman ‘24.

Varsity Cheerleading

Four years ago, the Raiders Cheer team was recognized as an official team within the high school.  In that short time, they have made a large impact on the community.  The team has been featured locally in multiple media outlets, articles, cable programming, and more.

As a Varsity cheer team, they are obligated to compete in the Bay State League every year and are planning to attend the next Bay State Cheer Competition in November. Although they’re competing against ten other teams, their biggest goal is to gain knowledge and experience to further improve their performance.

 “Although our goal is to compete, our main focus is performing top tier “sidelines” and half-time shows at football games. Having an amazing Pep Rally Show for the entire student body always makes it a successful season,” said Head Coach Odessa Sanchez. 

Not only does the team perform in competitions and pep rallies but they also use their time to give back to the community. They have done everything from fundraising for cancer patients to hosting cheer clinics for elementary and middle schoolers, as well as volunteering for school events such as Back to School Night.

“What makes Raider Cheer unique is our ability to not only work hard at our sport but to work just as hard to engage with our community,“ said Sanchez. “Who we are, and what we accomplish is an example of grit and determination. We realize that team longevity can be determined by the change in class enrollments and student interest. Visibility and clear definition of our identity is very important to our survival.”

Boys Soccer 

The Boys’ Soccer team made a run in the playoffs during the 2021 season, winning two games and upsetting Brockton, who at the time had been undefeated. They have also had three league All-Stars in the last two seasons and multiple athletes playing at the collegiate level.

The team is working hard to get back on course this season after performing below expectations. Coach of the team, Chris DiCecca expressed his [something, something] 

“We will play the game of soccer the way it is intended to be played and will work relentlessly to be the best version of what we know this team can be. Our best means of being successful is by being all in together.”

This season the Boys’ Soccer team is aiming for a state championship as well as to make playoffs and win their league while working towards a state title. To accomplish this ambitious goal, the team understands that they need to work harder than ever to become the best.

“We understand that to get there we must treat each and every game with focus and respect. If we do that, we will accomplish smaller goals on track to our ultimate one,” said DiCecca.

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