March 24, 2018

Zach Miller ’17, Print Editor in Chief

Zach Miller '17

Zach Miller ’17 is stepping into his new role as The Bradford’s Print Editor in Chief with passion and enthusiasm. A veteran of the paper, Miller has been a member since sophomore year and risen from general staff writer to oversee the entire print edition.

Miller discovered a passion for journalism after taking some introductory classes at the high school. “I was always somewhat interested in journalism growing up, and towards the end of freshman year I felt the need to get involved in some activities at WHS. After taking Media Matters and gaining a good intro to newspaper writing, The Bradford felt like a great opportunity to get that involvement,” he said.

Some of Miller’s favorite stories that he has worked on over the years include his 3000 word piece on the high school’s new Evolutions program, and a hard news look at the time a student’s pet tarantula escaped loose at school. As interested in sports as he is journalism, Miller loves to watch games with family and friends, and will happily launch into a discussion concerning the sneaky late-round picks on his fantasy football team.

Apart from the Bradford, Miller is also a member of WHS’s Student Congress due to his interest in politics. In the future, Miller sees himself graduating from college, perhaps graduate school, and doing something with journalism.

On his emotions heading into senior year, Miller said, “I’m mostly excited heading into the new year because junior year was a grind. I’m nervous about college apps and the whole process, but I think it will be really exciting getting in somewhere and enjoying the last year of high school with friends.”