September 26, 2018

Young Violinist Revels In Artistic Excellence

Naomi Ali ’12
News Editor

Junior Lisa Hsieh was destined for music before she was even born.

While her mother was pregnant with her, she and her father would constantly go to Symphony Hall to attend concerts. At 3 years old, staring at the television screen filled with musical performers, Hsieh knew she wanted to pursue music too.

Since five, Hsieh has been playing violin, with piano as her secondary instrument. She started with group classes and as the years went by, the classes naturally became individual and rigorous.
Hsieh practices violin 45 minutes, an hour each day. She enjoys practicing and especially enjoys “playing for other people. I appreciate when they appreciate [my playing] and that it affected them somehow,” Hsieh said.

Hsieh’s work ethics have brought her success thus far. Last year she was .5 points away from receiving an All-States recommendation at Senior District auditions. This year, she claimed her All-States recommendation and eventually joined All-State. Hsieh contemplates auditioning for Nationals in June.

Hsieh also studies and practices specific concertos to complete a certificate program that demands a certain repertoire.

Hsieh plays with several group ensembles, including the high school Advanced Chamber Ensemble. “Lisa is a natural leader when it comes to playing in orchestra and she also shows musical talent in her solo repertoires,” said stand partner William Barnard ’12.

She also participates in the Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO) at Rivers Conservatory. The YSO usually performs at Jordan Hall in New England Conservatory at the end of the school year.

Hsieh’s biggest musical inspiration is her violin teacher of the past eight years, Kirsi Pertulli. “I feel honored that I have had the opportunity to learn from her. She helps me see music in a different light, that you can express yourself through violin,” said Hsieh.

Although Hsieh is not sure if she will choose music as a career path, she has considered teaching music and definitely and may minor in music in college.

She encourages others to pursue music as well. “If you love it, go for it. You will feel liberated if you take it up,” said Hsieh.

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