May 21, 2018

Town pool and skating rink

Izzy Blaber ’15

Staff Writer


The Wellesley Board of Selectmen plans to build both a pool and ice rink, along with one or two utilities sports fields, similar to those on the Sprague complex.

On the current site of the St. James Church on Route 9, with the approval of Town Meeting, the eight-acre parcel of land will be purchased for $3.8 million from the Archdiocese of Boston.

St. James parishioners have appealed to reverse the 2011 deconsecration of the land. Their latest appeal was recently denied by the Vatican. Should they make another appeal to reverse the deconsecration, the sales process would stop until the appeal has been resolved. If the future appeals are not resolved, the town has the right to back out of the sale.

The town hopes that private groups will help finance the building and running of the swimming pool and skating rink; public money will only be used to purchase the land.

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