September 25, 2018

The Senior Activities Committee Making ’11 Heaven

Taylor Donahue ’14
Staff Writer

The Senior Activities Committee, created this year, works to plan activities to make senior year as fun and memorable as possible.

Senior Class President and member of the club, Austin Sedaghatpour, first introduced the idea of SAC at a class meeting at the beginning of the school year. The purpose of the club was to make sure there was a variety of new class events for Senior Year.

Thanks to the devoted seniors that meet every day three, events such as Pajama Day, costume contests at the Halloween dance, and Holiday Candy Cane Grams exist. The committee hopes to ease seniors’ stress and anxiety and give students the opportunity to have fun with their fellow classmates.

Co-chair of the club, Nate Cheek, said “Our goals are to plan activities that help bring the senior class together, as well as providing fun things to do.”

This year has been unlike previous years for seniors because students have put in extra effort to unite the class. “SAC is not just about the events but also the unity of our class and the attempt to make sure that every last month at WHS is as spectacular as possible,” said Sedaqhatpour.

In the meantime, the committee is brainstorming ideas to increase attendance to the end of year activities. This includes a grade-wide game of Assassins in the works for the spring. With this and many more fun activities, the class of 2011 has an unforgettable year ahead. “This is our last year together, and we want to make it great!” said Cheek.

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