June 19, 2018

The Process Isn’t Worth It

Idan Waksman ’14

Assistant Sports Editor

That time of year has, yet again, come and gone: the chaotic rush of students all gathering in the main office at 2:30 on the due date to hand in course selection sheets. Chatter fills the hallways with students trying to find out when and how to hand in their course selection sheets. Of course, everyone always struggles with similar questions: what classes should I pick? How do I balance my schedule while challenging myself? What new electives should I try in the new year?  Regardless of the many questions, one thing will always remain the same: that pesky paper with all the course registration details will have to be turned in to the main office.

Why should students be required to bring in a parent-signed sheet with their schedule requests on them, when everyone it is already required to complete this process online as well? It provides students with many more problems due to the amount of students who forget to bring in their signed sheet by the deadline. Not to mention, most students are unaware of the deadline, due to the lack of announcements, causing for extra last-minute panic.

It is simply unfair to the student body that a student has to scramble to the library to submit their course registration by 3:00 or risk not getting into the class they have always wanted to take, or the one elective that might be pivotal in getting accepted to that reach college choice. Course registration should be a “one and done” process. Students go online, fill out their course selection, then wait to get their schedule. Simple enough. In addition, the deadline should not be on a Monday giving students no extra time to make any last minute changes about what class or level to take. Instead of having an extra day of school where students could consult their final course decisions with teachers or guidance counsellors, they are forced to come in to school already with the signed sheet, leaving students at a point of no return.

In this day and age where everything is becoming digital, there no reason our school should be any different. The use of the papers during the current time period is not necessary. It defeats the point of doing it online to save paper, and many students simply forget to take the sheet out of their backpacks, as they are excited to rush out the doors at the end of a long day at school. Students should not be prevented from getting into their dream class because they were unable to get a parent signature or forgot to hand in their registration to the office.

It is clear that those silly square sheets of paper should not be a necessary ingredient for determining the future of a student’s schedule or to get into the classes they want. The process should be completed once students click submit on the PowerSchool website. Hopefully, in the future the course selection process will be changed to make it easier for students to meet the deadline, rather than teachers trying to resolve all the problems that occur with students who forgot to meet the deadline. This will save trees, while reducing the pressure for students to turn in their registration sheets.

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