August 18, 2018

Performing Arts Department Sets Up For A Night Of A Capella, Fun

The event features every choral group in the school.

Sam Morrow ’12
Photo Editor

The Performing Arts Department is gearing up for this year’s Acatober festival at the middle school this Friday October 21.

The event features every school choir, as well as the intramural choirs Renegade A Cappella, Ladies First, and A Cappella Anonymous. The Yale Mixed Company will also be performing at the show.

Though the event is a fairly new one, Performing Arts teacher and event director Kevin McDonald is hopeful for a good showing.
“This is the first public performance of the year and for our new students in the program, [and] I hope the concert sets a precedent of excellence for the rest of the school year.” said McDonald.

Brooks Brothers, Song Sisters, Keynotes Choir, and Rice Street will all be doing a piece individually for the event as well as one collaborative piece. The intramural groups will, for their part, be singing two or three songs each.

The school’s a cappella program has mushroomed over recent years, the Performing Arts Department adding in a second concert for student-run a cappella groups to complement this fact. The inclusion of the out-of-school Yale Mixed Company this year is only a  testament to the continued growth of the program.

“As we have cultivated a vibrant a cappella culture in town, we receive frequent requests from collegiate a cappella groups wishing to come to Wellesley.  The Yale Mixed Company contacted us asking for an opportunity to come and sing,” said McDonald. “This group is very talented and will make a great feature group for Acatober.

Acatober will not be the biggest a cappella event of the year, but McDonald hopes it will give the a cappellists a “very positive experience making music.”

The event is set for 7 PM and tickets are on sale in the mezzanine for five dollars.

“I just hope everyone enjoys a night of a cappella,” said Julia Rufo ’12, one of the event’s coordinators. “What’s better than that?”

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