June 19, 2018

The Final Project

Trevor Clark ’13
Staff Writer

Year after year, seniors present new ideas—internships, tournaments, contests, and more—in hopes of being approved by the Senior Project committee. These projects consume long amounts of time and effort.

The senior project is a way for members of the senior class to express themselves in an academic and creative way during fourth term. In order for seniors to participate they must meet all required guidelines that include an overall C average and good class attendance, as well as good school behavior—no detentions or suspensions. The projects also must include a component of charitable work. The student also must dedicate at least 3 hours for a partial project and 6 hours for a full project every school day. The final step is getting the approval from the Senior Project Committee.

“The average amount of proposals the committee receives per year is about 120, but this year we have 140,” said Adrene Gorman, a member of the Senior Project Committee. Although the amount of proposals is up this year, Gorman says, “We would like to see every senior take advantage of this great opportunity.”

The senior project is a good way for students to discover what they may be interested in studying during college. “We have a lot of kids who go out and job shadow or internship and come back and say this is not what I want to do, so they end up learning what their interests are and are not,” said Gorman.

To some, senior project may seem like a way to get out of class and slack off for the last term of school, but this is not the case. “We can tell when there are students who just want to get out of class,” said Gorman.

The majority of the kids submitting projects are truly committed to the experience. Gorman said, “I would say 99 percent are good, worthwhile projects.”

Senior Maggie Ricciuti decided that she wanted to work with a charity called Best Buddies, an organization that helps disabled children. Ricciuti will be paired with a buddy who she will accompany for various activities. Ricciuti also said that Dana Hall, another chapter of the charity, is holding a prom for these kids in May that she will help organize.

Ricciuti believes that this project might help her decide what she wants to do after graduating. Ricciuti said “Maybe I will work with kids with disabilities when I’m older, because of this opportunity.”

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