September 26, 2017

Sydney Hughes ’19, Assistant Social Media Editor

Sydney Hughes '19

Sliding off translucent duct tape, ripping open new cardboard boxes and digging through packing peanuts are activities that would appease Sydney Hughes ’19.

Hughes moved to Wellesley last year and has since fallen in love with all things modern and new.

“Moving to Wellesley was not too difficult because everything about high school is new,” said Hughes. “Everyone was in a new space and we were all adjusting together.”

The high school’s ‘new space’ inspires Hughes to take advantage of the large community.

“I moved from a school in Marion, Massachusetts that had 200 students,” said Hughes. “In Wellesley, there are so many students to meet, and I always see new faces in the halls.”

Hughes loves meeting new faces and devotes her free time to traveling across Cape Cod competing in sailing competitions against competitors from across the globe.

“I have made some of my closest friends from sailing,” said Hughes, “many of whom were people I have competed against in the past.”

In character, Hughes started sailing in 3rd grade as a way to take a new spin to her favorite activities.

“I lived by the water and loved to swim and was fascinated by the ocean,” said Hughes. “I thought ‘why not try sailing because it is a great combination of both.’”

Media Matters appealed to the adventurous sophomore when she flipped through the course catalog last year because of its social media associated name.

“I didn’t even realize it was a prerequisite for The Bradford,” said Hughes. “I just saw ‘media’ and thought it would be related to social media, which I am really interested in.”

This year, Hughes is the assistant Social Media Editor and brings her passion for all things new with her as she Tweets, Instagrams and posts the ‘new’s.


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