June 19, 2018

State Representatives Deciding on Metco Future

Tommy Harding ’14
Staff Writer

Metco Lobby Day is held every year to decide on the amount of funding the program receives, but this year it is especially important for Metco supporters because it is possible that the program could be cut altogether.

The event was held “in front of the Grand Staircase at the Massachusetts State House, where hundreds of Metco students and parents of 33 Metco communities met with state representatives to ensure the continuity of the Metco program’s level funding” said Metco Director Kalise Jacobs.

The state representatives, including Alise Peisch of Wellesley, gave their support for the Metco program, saying that it will be one of their top three priorities when the time comes to vote to renew funding for the program in June or July.

Metco Lobby Day is “especially important this year because the state is deciding on which public programs they should cut, as the economy is currently not doing well”, said Jacobs.

Lobby Day is a show of support of the program as Metco students and alumni give speeches on the matter. Wellesley resident Carrisa Lucien gave the keynote speech, and spoke about why Metco is important to the state of Massachusetts and should continue.

Metco is a large program in Wellesley, busing in many Boston students every day who have attended Wellesley public schools for years. If Metco’s public funding is discontinued, these students may lose their places in the Wellesley community.

According to Jacobs, things went very well at this year’s Lobby Day, which is a good sign for Metco students here at WHS. However, we won’t know for sure until the actual voting takes place.

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