September 25, 2018

Sozio Wraps Up the Dance Season, But with Big Plans for Next Year

Caroline Kelly ’13
Arts Editor

As dancers in the new studio move their limbs in time to the music, you can almost see the notes pulling and pushing their bodies to create art. Dancers circle around their instructor or student choreographer, listening to their instructions to make sure that their motions are precise and expressive.

Images such as these, now carried over to the new school, are a tribute to the dance program as a relevant extracurricular activity, and that achievement can be attributed namely to one person in particular.

“This year, we were offering dance classes through ERP,” said Janet Sozio, a guidance counselor and head of the dance program. “There is a contemporary dance on Mondays with me, up through Memorial Day, a hip hop class on Tuesdays with Ms. Katz that should end at around the same time, and Catherine Baanguard teaches Zumba classes on Wednesdays which will go through the first Wednesday of June as a part of her leadership project.”

As for Moving Company, a dance troupe organized by Sozio that focuses on modern dance and allows for students to choreograph routines, it was another dance opportunity that proved to be an enjoyable experience for the participants. “It was very fun,” said Elizabeth Serunjogi ’14, who danced in the dances of many of the choreographers. “Before rehearsals started we used to put music on and do some improvisational dancing. Also, all the dances that were choreographed were very different, so that was very nice.”

The Footnotes performance earlier in the year was very well received, showcasing a variety of different dancers and pieces from Moving Company. The dancers worked for months to perfect their routines, with Sozio organizing increased rehearsals in the weeks prior to the performance. It came out on April 10, with an in-school assembly on April 11. “The kids did an amazing job, it was awesome,” said Sozio. “It was primarily freshman through juniors, and we would love to have a larger program next year.”

With such a successful year behind her, Sozio’s plans for the program next year are already underway, as she has big hopes for the upcoming classes. “I will be teaching two days a week, but I’m not sure what types of dance yet,” said Sozio. “I’d love to teach tap for sure. Another change is that the moving company will start earlier this year, in December. We also hope to bring in a guest teacher in the fall, but nothing is confirmed yet.”

Sozio’s wishes for larger program may be coming true already, if only gradually. “I’m thinking of joining one of Ms. Sozio’s ERP classes next year as well as MC [Moving Company],” said Serunjogi.

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