September 25, 2018

Sophomores semi-formal to be off campus

The Italiante Garden. Photo courtesy of MassHort.

Vincent Caruso ’16

Staff Writer

The class of 2015 plans to start a new trend; this year’s sophomore semi-formal will be held off campus. Unlike past years where the semi was held in the school, the sophomores rented space for the dance not far away at Elm Bank for May 24th.

The dance floor will be inside the Elm Bank’s historic Hunnewell building, and students are allowed to invite anyone. Class president, Tyler Jung ’15, said, “Students will have the ability to walk around the various gardens at Elm Bank to take pictures with their friends and to cool down from their night of fun.”

Class officers have been working hard to make arrangements for this event. A party committee has been appointed to deal with party related matters. Chosen by the class officers, the members elected are Jodie Lunger ’15, Peter Stabnick ’15, Madison Ivey ’15, Katrina Kincade ’15, Laura Donovan ’ 15, David Segall ’15, and Drew Hawkinson ’15.

“The committee’s responsibility is the overall planning of the event,” said Segall. “[This includes] decorations, food, drinks, tickets, advertising, costs, fundraising, setting up the day of, and making sure our semi goes as planned.”

On April 6, the committee took a trip to the designated building, the aim of which was “to get a look at the space and see the size of it,” said Segall.

To occupy the dances new area, the party committee has already chosen several necessary services. Donovan said, “We have started to plan and line up caterers and entertainers for the event.” Funding for this event continues to accumulate from several sophomore fundraising event such as a carwash that they hope to host.

The sophomore class hopes that having this unique dance will set them apart from other classes. “We wanted to have a setting off school grounds that was casual and exciting, setting us apart from the dances of freshman and junior years,” said Donovan.

Overall, the class of 2015 officers and semi committee are eager to see their hard work making arrangements pay off. “We have received help from many classmates in the planning of this event and hope that it will be a success,” said Jung.

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