March 24, 2018

Soo Kyeong Kim ’19, Assistant Business and Managing Editor

Soo Kyeong Kim '19

Sookyeong Kim was born in Korea but doesn’t remember living there, as her family moved to Brookline when she was one year old. When Kim was born, she was given the name Sookyeong Kim, but Kim says the nickname Sooky was made by her friends in elementary school and she has stuck with it since. Kim’s family moved to Wellesley when she was five.

Kim says that she joined the Bradford due to her interest in reading and writing. “I have always loved to read and write, when I saw the journalism course, it was a type that I wasn’t really knowledgeable about, and I wanted to try it,” said Kim.

Whether it’s running on a hot summer day or skiing the slopes in a cool winter blizzard, Sooky Kim ’19 loves to stay active. From horseback riding since fifth grade to track and field, it is evident that Kim is always open and willing to create time to try something new.

Along with her love of being active, Kim also has the task of being a role model to her younger sister, Suzie. Suzie is in sixth grade at the Wellesley Middle School, and Kim says that she loves spending time with her and especially enjoys skiing with her.

Due to Kim’s passion as a reader and writer, she reveals that she would like to pursue something in the future related to the latter, whether it is creative writing on her own, or writing for a news publication.