September 26, 2017

Shannon Chaffers ’18, Opinions Editor

Shannon Chaffers '18

Shannon Chaffers ‘18 started off as an English student who enjoys writing essays by focusing on broad literary topics while connecting her prose to current events. She has, within the last year, adopted a journalistic style from her time on The Bradford. She enjoys writing (and reading) about “things that matter now, and can impact a lot of people.” Despite only joining The Bradford in the second semester of her sophomore year, her passions as a writer and journalistic persistence have carried her up to the rank of Opinions Editor.

Chaffers’ life outside of the world of written words involves music (as a relatively successful percussionist), outdoor endeavors, and time with friends and family. She experienced the importance of teamwork and cooperation while hiking in Ecuador, where she helped mediate individual compromises for the greater good of the group.

Specifically, Chaffers encouraged the fast hikers to slow down and the slow hikers to speed up until an acceptable group speed was reached. She hikes at an “average” speed, so she normally finds herself between the two extremes of the spectrum.

While in Ecuador, Chaffers also began to learn how to be resourceful. Facing cold nights and unforgivingly chilly temperatures, Chaffers filled her 32 ounce Nalgene water bottle with grill-heated water. The bottle then became a heat source which allowed Chaffers to sleep comfortably.

On top of hiking and survival, Chaffers and her group also participated in a service project during which they painted a house. The house took three days to paint, but would have taken longer had the group not comprised a plan that divided responsibilities evenly. Chaffers observed that the group’s main strategy highlighted efficiency through equal contribution. Having experienced authentic teamwork and gleaned the relevance of thereof, Chaffers finds herself in the position to be a knowledgeable, albeit “quiet” (as her friends say), self-reliant-team-player this year.