September 26, 2017

Samantha Kizner ’19, Staff Writer

Samantha Kizner '19

Samantha Kizner ’19 is one of the most lively and dedicated members of The Bradford. She has worked hard over the last year to become a better writer, and she can not wait to write once again, for The Bradford this year.

This will be Kizner’s second year on The Bradford as a staff writer. She claims that she loves the atmosphere within The Bradford community, which is why she enjoys each and every day here.

Kizner specifically looks forward to writing features of others this year as she likes “to really speak to a person and dig deep within them to find a story.”

Kizner first joined The Bradford because of her love of reading and writing, which are things she has loved to do for as long as she can remember. She also wanted to know what it would really be like to write for a real news outlet, so she decided to give The Bradford a try. She has loved the experience so far and can’t wait to continue writing for The Bradford.

Although the future outside of the high school for her is a little foggy, she knows that she wants to continue writing whether it is for another news publication or just creative writing for her own enjoyment.

Outside of The Bradford, Samantha plays both lacrosse and field hockey. It will be her second year playing these sports at the high school. But Kizner’s real love for sports comes to her at sea.

Kizner has been competitively surfing for a while now. She started surfing at age ten when she tried it out at a local camp near her beach house. After this camp she fell in love with surfing and went on to win the Grom Prix last year, a surfing event held in Hull, MA, which she claims is her greatest achievement in life.

This year Kizner has decided that she will just surf for fun and not competitively. She looks forward to surfing at her favorite spots which include the Bahamas, and her favorite spot of all time; the beaches of California.