June 19, 2018

Students Explore Pinterest as a New Social Media Outlet

Libby Cornelssen ’12
Managing Editor

At the end of the school week, I am not in the mood to listen to anyone. I’m close-minded, tired and ready to hibernate in my bed for 48 hours. So when Hannah Feeney ’12 tried to show me her new favorite Web site, Pinterest, I didn’t really listen.

However, as I browsed my favorite blogs and Web sites that weekend, I found myself wanting to show others my favorite outfits and delicious recipes. Immediately, Hannah’s recommendation came to my mind. I decided to log on, sign myself up and see what it was all about. By Monday, I was obsessed.

The whole premise of Pinterest is that wherever you are on the web, you can “pin” certain pictures onto your own page. You can follow others and browse the various pages of Pinterest users to look at their pictures and possibly pin them to your own virtual pin boards.

The site’s mission statement is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” Pinterest is managed by Cold Brew Labs, a team based in Palo Alto, California. On August 16, 2011, Time magazine published Pinterest in its “50 Best Websites of 2011” column.

Currently, the Web site operates as email invitation-only for new members. To sign up, a current Pinterest user can send an email invitation, from which you can use your Twitter account or Facebook account to sign up.

The Web site first gained its popularity on college campuses, with creative teens looking to connect with their friends at home. “I first heard about Pinterest through my sister because it was popular at Tulane this fall,” said Eliza Cushman ’12.

Once his or her page is set up, users can create different boards on their page, ranging from “Weddings” to “Recipes” to “Things to Try.”

Pinterest user Kitae Kim ’12 is interested in art and architecture and uses the Web site to express his creativity. “I mainly use Pinterest to find cool images that I’d like to save so I can draw them later or to inspire me,” said Kim. “It’s a good sources of reflection later since it reminds you of what images you connected with or thought were really cool.”

Others use the Web site as a way to promote their own artwork. “I am posting some of my own photography up because it is a good way to publicize it, especially when my Web site is underneath it,” said Caroline Fahey ’12.

Regardless of how it is being used, many have turned to Pinterest as a new form of social media. It allows teens and adults alike to display their favorite images and organize them into a single profile.

“I think my favorite part is seeing your own style shape itself and viewing how specific other peoples “styles” are. It is super fun and interesting to observe. I also enjoy the inspiration you get out of it,” said Fahey.

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