July 21, 2018

Picher makes the best of his last year on the staff

Taylor Donahue ’14
Business/ Managing Editor

Chris Picher ’13 reprises his role as a hard working staff writer, and newly appointed copy editor, for his second year on The Bradford. When asked about what his job entitles he replied, “Brainstorming story ideas, conducting interviews, writing, copy editing, and working well with others.”

Picher believes that student journalism is a great way for students to become more knowledgeable about events in the school and community. “Student journalism is important because a student newspaper is a great way to not only learn about the production of the paper, but it also helps develop journalistic interests,” said Picher. He added, “I think it’s really important for school members to know what is going on in their community.”

In addition to becoming a well-informed member of the school, Picher hopes to enjoy his last year on The Bradford to the best of his abilities. “I hope to take away a great senior experience socially, academically, athletically, and be fully prepared to go out in the real world,” said Picher.

When asked what type of food he would be Picher replied, “a grapefruit.” It appears that Picher will make the most fun out of his final year.

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