September 26, 2017

Owen Zides ’19, Sports Editor

Owen Zides '19

From baseball and football, to reading and writing, Owen Zides ’19 clearly has passion for a wide variety of activities.

Zides is the Sports Editor of The Bradford. This will be his second year as part of the staff, and considering his lifelong involvement of sports, there is nobody more well suited than him to be the sports editor. “I’ve been into sports and writing my whole life, so the editor position seemed like a great opportunity,” said Zides.

His involvement in sports can largely be credited to his father, who Zides calls his biggest inspiration. “My dad was the one who got me into baseball,” Zides said of the beginning of his baseball career, one which he is continuing at the high school. Having played for the junior varsity team last year, Zides is aiming to make the varsity team this spring.

Baseball is not the only sport Zides plays, he is also involved with football. However, his passion for football is one entirely different than that of baseball. “I haven’t set any real goals yet in football, I’m just trying to get better and be the best player I can be,” Zides said.

While sports play a large role in Zides’ life, his hobbies of reading and writing are just as important to him. Zides has had an interest in reading and writing since a young age, which he says was sparked by his mother who works as an English teacher. “My mom was another huge inspiration in my life, she got me really into reading and writing,” Zides said.

Zides’ interest in writing eventually led him to join The Bradford. Journalism is something Zides could see himself pursuing as a job in the future, but he has other interests as well. After a summer internship at the Wellesley Television Station, other jobs in the media business have sparked his interest. More specifically, sportscasting is a place Zides could see himself in the future.