March 24, 2018

Olivia Gieger ’17, Editor in Chief

Olivia Gieger '17

Ever since Olivia Gieger ‘17 first set foot in room 263 three years ago, she knew that she wanted to be the Editor­ in­ Chief of The Bradford.

Then just a freshman, she looked up to the senior editors and admired the way that they ran the newspaper. “They just had a really fun feel,” said Gieger. “They were all very laid back but good at what they did.”

Gieger hopes that she adopted that casual yet curious vibe as she continued to thrive as a student journalist, eventually evolving from a staff writer to the Editor­ in­ Chief her senior year. “Over my time on The Bradford, I really learned about the power of journalism, and how I can really give back to the community I live in,” explained Gieger. “It just has a tremendous impact.”

Being on The Bradford gives Gieger those opportunities to explore her community that she could not get anywhere else.

For example, when asked about her favorite article that she ever wrote, she launches into a story about an article regarding the history of the Cheney ­Baltzell Manor House on Elm Bank. During the research process, she interviewed a woman who personally knew the son of the first groundskeeper, back when the owners of the mansion were still living there.

“I was getting from her all these stories and all these little interesting fun facts that nobody had ever written about or ever heard before, so that was really cool,” gushed Gieger.

That is the part she most loves about journalism; the interaction with the people around her, and the ability she has to get a story from each and every one of them.

Gieger is considering a career in journalism in the future, and hopes to bring her skills learned on The Bradford with her wherever she goes.