September 26, 2017

Max Tracey ’19, News Editor

Max Tracey '19

For a sixteen year old, Max Tracey ‘19 has already, quite literally, been around the world.

At age eleven, Tracey took a vacation to Costa Rica with his family and it was there where he fell in love with traveling to, and experiencing the culture of, countries and people around the world.

After that trip, Tracey found that the best way to learn about the rest of the world, is to see it.
In addition to most of the United States, Tracey has been to Thailand and Cambodia which really opened his eyes to culture outside of the United States.

“I’ve learned that [Wellesley], Massachusetts and the United States seem like they are so influential, but there’s a whole lot of world around us and we are so small in terms of the entire world” he said.

Tracey wishes that he could spend as more time in Southeast Asia, but he learned a lot about the people there during his trip and the brief interactions he had with them.

More importantly, Tracey says he learned about people and humanity as a whole during his travels.

“Although people in every different country and place I’ve been to are a little different, or a lot different, we’re together in one world” he said.

Through his experiences, Tracey believes the human race can achieve so much more by working as a whole towards similar goals, rather than working against each other, like many people do today.

As for what’s next, Tracey doesn’t have a specific country in mind, but he does wish to experience places that are more, “off the beaten path.”

“You only get to live once,” Tracey said. “So I want to be able to take in everything and experience a whole number of sights, places, and people.”