March 24, 2018

Kate Fletcher ’18, Features Editor

Kate Fletcher '18

Everyone has something that makes them excited to get out of bed in the morning. For Kate Fletcher ‘18, Features Editor of The Bradford, that “something” is the memories of her time at Newfound Camp in Maine. Over the seven weeks Fletcher spent working as a CIT, the most prominent memory she has of her experience is when she and the other CITs backpacked for six days on the Appalachian Trail.

“Each year the CITs do a weeklong trip. Each year is something different. I felt that that [time] is when the whole group got a lot closer because we were all challenging ourselves, but having fun at the same time,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher and the other CITs worked together on their trek to keep everyone motivated. Through all the early mornings and pancake breakfasts in the woods, Fletcher and the CITs helped each other throughout the week, building a solid team.

“Throughout it there would be more challenging times… but even if the group started getting more spread out we’d stop and wait for each other so the hike was a lot nicer,” Fletcher said.

By the end of the trek, Fletcher felt like part of a community that she could rely on for the rest of the summer.

“Being at camp is so different from school, so it’s such a nice break and a happy time,” Fletcher said with a smile.

Now back at school, Fletcher keeps in mind her experience this summer while with the Bradford for her second year.

“During the rest of the summer, if we were struggling with something, we’d remember the support we got for each other on the trip. I’m going to try and build the same community here that I had at camp.”