September 26, 2017

Jacob Nangle ’18, Staff Writer

Jacob Nangle '19

Standing at five feet, six inches, staff writer Jacob Nangle ’18 doesn’t stand out in a crowd. But Nangle’s unique, positive personality shines through.

Nangle joined the Bradford staff in the winter of 2016 in order to pursue his interests in writing. Nangle aspires to be a published writer in the near future, citing Stephen King as his favorite author.

 In addition to writing for The Bradford, Nangle completed a creative writing course in his freshman year in order to further develop his writing techniques. Nangle’s finds the most enjoyment in writing fiction, and he looks up to Stephen King for inspiration.

“Stephen King is one of the greatest writers to walk the earth, and he inspired me to write. I admire his creative masterpieces and the way he can can create an engrossing story,” said Nangle.

Despite the fact that Nangle envisioned a career as a writer in his early childhood, by the time Nangle entered his freshman year of high school he knew that he wanted to pursue writing as his career.

“One of the advantages of journalism is that you get to tell a story. You get to take something significant in someone’s life that may seem small to an outside observer and make it a bigger deal,” said Nangle.

When Nangle doesn’t find himself writing for the Bradford, he enjoys playing tennis to keep physically fit and watching movies. Of the countless movies Nangle watched throughout the course of his sixteen years, he names Pulp Fiction as his favorite.

“I really enjoy watching Pulp Fiction for the same reason I enjoy reading Stephen King. Pulp Fiction is probably the most innovative and creative movie ever made,” said Nangle.

Another distinguishing aspect of Nangle’s personality lies in the fact that he strives to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

“I like to live by the motto to infinity and beyond, because the saying is true for any event, struggle, or obstacle that comes along in life. You can always recover from setbacks no matter how challenging they may seem,” said Nangle.

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