September 26, 2018

Half-Way Fun, Encouragement, and Pride

Taylor Donahue ‘14
Staff Writer

On the morning of April 18th the clear skies and sun welcomed the 27,000 runners that passed through Wellesley as the half-way mark of the Boston Marathon.

By mid morning the town’s people lined the street to await the arrival of the runners to pass through. The first to come were the elite runners from Kenya, moving at a steady speed that showed little sign of fatigue despite the 13 plus miles they had run thus far.

The townspeople did not disappoint with their cheering. Their encouragement allowed the runners to enjoy passing through the town and interact with the crowd.

The annual event brings plenty of excitement and fun to Wellesley with the posters and screams of pride in their runners on their journey to finish 26.2 two miles.