September 25, 2018

Fitness Center Remains Mostly Intact

Students exercise in the current fitness center, which houses 9-10 cardio machines.

Naomi Ali ’12


Though there are rumors that the fitness center in the new building will be half its current size, Scheduling, Operations & Data Coordinator Karen Archambault says otherwise.

“The dimensions of the new fitness center will be slightly smaller, but there are modifications to the room itself,” Archambault said.

The fitness center, wrestling room, and dance studio comprise one large room in the new building. Retractable walls will partition the greater room into the three smaller spaces for the fitness center, wrestling room, and dance studio.

The partitions create a centralized location for gym classes, and “dance classes offered by the department as well as extracurricular groups could also use the dance studio after school,” said Archambault.

Even with the new dance studio, Fitness & Health Teachers Kathleen Brophy and Matthew Wasel both affirm that with the dividing walls, the new fitness center is significantly smaller.

“We’ll only be able to bring a few of the cardio machines, a couple of weights, and one or two strength machines,” said Brophy.

The Fitness & Health department is currently outlining the fitness curriculum in the new building’s facilities. “We’ll have to change the curriculum so that the Intro to Fitness class spends more time doing yoga and other activities outside of the fitness center itself,” said Brophy.

The department will receive notice of the new fitness center’s dimensions in the coming week.









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