June 19, 2018

Dog Show Helps “Save A Dog”

For the past couple of months the school hallways have gotten a little less crowded and a lot quieter with the noticeable absence of many seniors. Senior project has allowed the students to miss school in order to work on and plan their activities. Seniors Julia Flanigan and Leah Dowd, who hosted a dog show for their senior project this past Saturday, have finally been able to reap the reward for their work on creating a dog show.

18 dogs entered the competition and 3 judges rated them based on their trick performances and how well they completed the obstacle course. Among the festivities were prizes for Best Trick, Best Obstacle Course Run, Best Overall Performance, Cutest, and Audience’s Choice.

Flanigan and Dowd were kept busy throughout the production with their co-hosting jobs, showing all the hard work of planning to people who entered their dogs, explaining the expectations for the dogs, and planning the set up and refreshments.

In the end they certainly succeeded in making their project worth while. Flanigan said of the final outcome “It was really nice to see people being enthusiastic about something Leah and I created without any help.”

The dog show also had a community service componet: the entrance fees were donated to the Save a Dog foundation in Sudbury. “Leah and I thought it was really important to help out animals.” said Flanigan. “The foundation is funded only on donations and we wanted to help out!”

With the end of the school year approaching, the last project for seniors has definitely proven to be prideful. “What I liked most about the project was seeing all the work we put into it finally pay off,” said Flanigan.

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