July 21, 2018

Dodgeball stirs up excitement for Junior Class

Jonathan Stepakoff ’14

Sports Editor

The second annual Class of 2014 Dodgeball Tournament, held on March 12, provided players and fans alike with competitive excitement, whacky uniforms and team names, and lots of trash talk, continuing to strengthen the dodgeball tradition at Wellesley High School.

Black Magic, who lost in last year’s semi-finals in a game peppered with controversial decisions, won the championship over the Whispering Eyes. The champions, led by Conor Russell ’14, recorded the final out of the tournament. In the semi-finals, Black Magic took a 5-1 advantage over the Lone Rangers, before Charlie Flanigan ’14 mounted a furious comeback to force a showdown with Black Magic’s Andrew D’Anieri. With one second left before overtime, D’Anieri dodged Flanigan’s shot and fired back to win the game and head to the class championship.

Black Magic was just one of many carefully crafted team names, named for the six players who all dressed in black. Others included Plywood Posse, the Manti Te’os (sporting tank tops with #5’s, sweat bands, and some Notre Dame apparel), and Track (donning the traditional Wellesley High track uniforms).

Black Magic lost in the first round of the Tournament of Champions when they competed against the Senior class team, but their legendary run for the championship will be forever inscribed in dodgeball lore.

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