March 24, 2018

Dillon Hourican ’18, Executive Business and Managing Editor

Dillon Hourican '18

Former North Carolina and New Jersey resident Dillon Hourican appears calm and ready to talk before he gives his interview. A two year veteran of varsity volleyball and an excellent student, Hourican proves himself to be a very successful and accomplished student.

Dillon started writing for The Bradford because of the opportunites it presented him within writing in business. As business manager for the publication, this is a great opportunity for him. He also is very interested in the world of politics. Hourican claims that if Wellesley High School were to form a Young Republicans Club, he would be the president.

His interests in sports writing extends outside of school as he is a fan of Chicago and New York sports teams. His favorites being the New York Giants and the Chicago Cubs, which he frequently reads about in ESPN and the newspaper.

Hourican’s greatest achievement was when he won the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. He trained with the Youth National Volleyball tournament as well.

His daily school lunch is a turkey sandwich which he packs from home for economic and efficiency purposes. His favorite food are the home cooked meals from his mother’s kitchen. “A nice steak dinner cooked medium is the best,” Dillon claims.

Hourican looks up to Steve Jobs. He likes to recreationally play basketball as it keeps him fit and in shape. His two favorite books are The Art of Deal, by Donald J. Trump and Get Your Ship Together, by J.D. Sallinger.