March 24, 2018

Daniel O’Hanlon ’17, Staff Writer

Daniel O'Hanlon '17

It isn’t hard to find kids who like sports, especially in Wellesley. Boston is a sports town, and the fans are among the most devoted spectators in America. When separating the true die-hards from the everyday sports fan, though, one has to look deeper.

Sure, some people call themselves fans, but do they watch the team play? Do they stay up late to catch the end of games, and can they recount the stats of their favorite players by heart? When they are on their phone, are they on Facebook watching a video of cats running away from cucumbers, or are they surfing ESPN, looking for another article that will add another nugget to their already-overflowing bevy of sports knowledge?

New The Bradford Staff Writer Daniel O’Hanlon ’17 has always been the latter, a true Boston supporter who lives and breathes sports amidst a sea of fair-weather fans.

O’Hanlon has been a die-hard follower of the Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox for as long as he can remember. The youngest of three brothers, he was raised on Boston sports and, like any true fan, can recount all 8 championships the three teams have combined for in his lifetime.

“I’m a big baseball fan, football fan, basketball fan,” he said. “I love Boston sports.”

He truly isn’t a casual fan, though. He spends countless hours reading ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and other publications that enhance his already enormous amount of sports expertise.

For O’Hanlon, journalism was a logical next step. It allows him to cover and write about his passions.

“I really wanted to do the Bradford just to see what I could do with this, to see where it takes me,” O’Hanlon said.

“I think I bring a really unique perspective to the table,” he said. “Above all, though, I’m really just a positive person.”