June 19, 2018

Construction Carries on and Expands to Seaver Street

Soojin Kim ’11
Features Editor

From Seaver Street’s view, onlookers can see something new: bricks for the high school building.

Over the summer, builders finished the steel and poured concrete. “We also finished tying in with National Grid,” said Scheduling, Operations & Data Coordinator Karen Archambault.

Construction workers have started working on the exterior façade now and have placed bricks on the Seaver Street side. They have also enclosed two thirds of the building, with the exception of windows, and continue to
pour concrete flooring.

Over the next few weeks, construction workers will keep working on the exterior walls to enclose the building. The rainwater holding tank will also arrive. The collected rainwater from this tank will be used to flush toilets in the new building as part of the green initiative.

Principal Andrew Keough expressed excitement about the smooth construction of the new building. “It’s going great. I’ve been in it twice. It is really cool to see it come alive after being there for the original drawing phase,” he said.

In addition, Keough believes that the construction has caused minimal disruption. “Dust and noise haven’t been a problem, but traffic has been impacted by construction because we lost the parking lot,” he said.

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