August 18, 2018

Community Celebrates Historic Moment

A photo essay showcasing the high school’s ceremonial move from the 1938 building to the new one on February 28, 2012. 

Superintendent Bella Wong addresses students, faculty, alumni, and special guests at the last assembly in the 1938 building.
A bucket awaits for students' red cards listing things that they would like to "leave behind" as they move and begin with a fresh start in a new space.
Teachers wait for students outside the doors of the 1938 building so that they can collect students' green cards, upon which they list things that they would like to "carry with them" to the new building.
Students excitedly exit the 1938 building on their way to the new school.
English teachers Alison McCormick and Vikki Sherman collect students' green cards.
Finally! Students and faculty enter through the doors of the new building.
Social Studies teacher Jackie Katz collects students' green cards as they flood into the new building's main entrance.
At an assembly in the new building's gym, students and faculty wait eagerly as a drumroll anticipates Tessie Connors '13 to turn on the new clocktower's timepiece, which was refurbished from the old.
Members of a local martial arts academy perform a good-luck lion dance as a gift from superintendent Bella Wong.
The lion dancers perform an encore in the main entryway.
Food service workers set up the new cafeteria for students' very first lunch there.
The new gym awaits many years of gritty Raider pride.
Liv Footer '12 pensively reclines on the town seal embossing the main entryway.
Students enjoy a comfortable lounging space on the fourth floor.
The eagle that once topped the 1938 building's clocktower now watches over the main entryway of the new building.
Julia Devlin '12, Katy Tucker '12, Matt Pini '12, Alex Pernokas '12, and Ben DiBiase '12 gaze from the main entryway to the second floor balcony.
Students check out the new Wilbury A. Crockett library on the third floor.
The cafeteria's cylindrical lights line high ceilings as viewed from the second floor balcony. It will be many decades, many generations, many friendships, and many learning experiences before these sets of lights are "turned out."





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