September 25, 2018

Class officers don’t sell the auction short

Junior Class Officer Adam Chernew modelling with a lamp.

Jonathan Stepakoff ’14

Sports Editor

With “Blitz Day,” and the “Phone-a-thon” behind them, and the final auction booklet printed, junior class officers are finishing up with the final preparations for Junior Auction, which occurs on April 6.

To raise awareness for the auction and to give students a chance to display their class spirit, class officers instituted a competition in which participants take different pictures each day in their Junior Auction T-shirts. Class secretary Bridget Brown ’14 feels that the countdown is a great method of reaching out to her fellow juniors. “We wanted to do a countdown to get people excited for the auction,” she said. “A lot of students thought that the auction wasn’t for them, more a thing for the parents, so we wanted to get them [the students] involved too.”

Class President Adam Chernew ’14 feels that the countdown has certainly achieved Brown’s goal. “Obviously not every kid has participated, but a fair amount have taken at least one picture, and when these pictures are posted on social media, a lot of people see them, and it raises awareness for the auction,” he said. While the first sales will not be made until Saturday, by posting on social media and participating in the countdown, students are already “buying into” the Junior Auction.


Day 1: “Selfie”

Day 2: Picture with best friend

Day 3: Picture with favorite teacher

Day 4: Picture with a lamp

Day 5: Picture with family

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  1. I heard a car was sold at the junior auction. I’m concerned that the miles per gallon for it is less than 25. Can I please get a confirmation that it wasn’t? This needs to be resolved as soon as possible, we do not want any future tussles between the Green Team and the class of 2014.

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