September 26, 2017

Christie Yu ’18, Web Editor in Chief

Christie Yu '18

Christie Yu ’18 wants to make a difference in the community.

She joined The Bradford in order to make a change. Yu believes that through writing, she can shape how important topics are processed in the community, giving people necessary perspectives that they may be blind to in daily life.

Her features are Yu’s proudest work. She believes that through having a “one-on-one connection,” Yu can strengthen her place in the community. Through her understanding of the “individual” story, Yu believes she can create for herself a wider view of the high school, enhancing her ability to tell stories.

Yu has undertaken a stressful lifestyle. She pushes herself to excel in all work she does, taking some of the hardest courses available in the high school. Yu feeds off this stress in order to give her an edge over students, allowing her to reach a higher work capacity than a majority of students at the high school.

This contrasts sharply with her humble beginnings in Canada. The school Yu went to not only did not offer a science course until the 5th grade, but when it did come it was only available for once a week. So, when she joined the Wellesley program, Yu pushed herself an incredible amount, especially in the field of science. She hopes one day to combine her love for science and writing into a job in scientific journalism.