March 24, 2018

Celia Golod ’17, Social Media Editor

Celia Golod '17

Booming with a love for management and involvement in her communities, Celia Golod ‘17 is a creative traveler who flourishes on creating bonds with people all around the country.

Outside of writing creatively, Golod savors volunteering at a national charity, Tops, where she plays active sports with special needs children. “I got my friends involved with the charity so I really look forward to contributing my time to it on the weekends,” Golod said.

She additionally spends her winters eager to return back to a summer camp, Camp Evergreen, a program she has been attending for eight years. Recently, Golod became a counselor, a position she finds rewarding at a high degree. “My favorite aspect of the camp is the little things that occur over the 49 days like building great friendships and good bonds with the eleven year old campers. I love the feeling of meeting new people and instantly becoming close with them,” she said. “It’s nice to know at the end of the day that I am able to help make their days better.”

Another speciality of Golod’s is her organized management skills of the boys’ basketball team. The reason for her enjoyment in the activity is the bonds she makes with the athletes and especially the faculty. “I want to engage in management on a larger scale and get my name out,” she said.

Ideally, Golod sees herself bringing these skills to California in a few years. “I see more opportunity and I think I would work well in some type of investment corporation,” she said. The weather and lifestyle intrigues her too.

Golod also really appreciates being in the know and being involved as many ways as she possibly can, no matter what community. In fact, she is the social media editor for The Bradford.

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