July 21, 2018

Half-Way Fun, Encouragement, and Pride

April 26, 2011

Taylor Donahue ‘14 Staff Writer On the morning of April 18th the clear skies and sun welcomed the 27,000 runners that passed through Wellesley as the half-way mark

AP Exams Roll By

April 26, 2011

Soojin Kim ’11 Features Editor Students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes will pass the ultimate hurdle next week: AP exams. The high school offers a wide array of

The Final Project

April 22, 2011

Trevor Clark ’13 Staff Writer Year after year, seniors present new ideas—internships, tournaments, contests, and more—in hopes of being approved by the Senior Project committee. These projects consume

Creative Writing Reaches New Heights

March 27, 2011

Taylor Donahue ’14 and Dorothy Wigon ’14 Staff Writers Mondays afterschool, one may hear students vibrantly chattering about the worlds they have created through their fictional pieces of

East Coast Application Overload

March 23, 2011

Sam Fox ’11 Editor-in-Chief For the past three years, seniors have applied to most of the same colleges. Some colleges in particular have received outstanding numbers of applications

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