March 23, 2018

Carolyn Hale ’18, Social Media Editor-in-Chief

Carolyn Hale '18

Having been to 37 states and 18 different countries, Carolyn Hale ’18 was given the opportunity to see people and places that many of us might not have had the chance to see.

“Traveling gives you a different perspective on other people’s lives, and a chance to see how different their cultural values are from ours,” said Hale.

Currently a junior at Wellesley High School working as the Arts Editor on The Bradford, Hale’s love for travel has taught her many important lessons which she applies to her daily life at home in Wellesley.

This past summer, Hale spent her time in Peru on the World Challenge trip, a school organized excursion which required participants to work together in planning the entire experience, including making hotel reservations and booking transportation.

Working on the trip’s budget was a great leadership experience for Hale. She said, “traveling with friends taught me to be concerned for other people’s needs, and allowed all of us to support each other.” The challenges that arose on the trip showed the girls how to improvise, a lesson that Hale is using with her work at school and on The Bradford.

Because of the wide range of countries Hale has traveled to, she struggles picking a favorite. A trip taken with her family between 7th and 8th grade, however, is definitely up there in the ranks.

“We travelled to Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Norway. In Norway, we took a trip down a river surrounded by glaciers and hills that had villages perched on steep hillsides looking down at brilliant blue water.”

While the amazing views are definitely a perk of Hale’s travels, the takeaways about life and culture in the foreign countries she experiences are what makes her trips truly special.