October 18, 2018

The 10 things you need to know about senior fall

  1. Stress is inevitable. Homework, applications and extra curriculars are extremely time consuming, and you are going to feel like you have more work than ever before. Make good use of these activities and limit your stress by engaging in things that interest you and taking classes that you want to take. This will hopefully make the work more enjoyable, which is helpful because there will be a lot of it.
  2. Naviance is not your friend. Do not look at it; do not think about it, and definitely don’t spend your time scrolling through the endless statistics about the colleges you are applying to. You should not worry about the amount of other people applying, the average GPA and scores you need, or the amount of students the school accepted last year. All you can do is continue to work hard and hope that your hard work from the past four years is enough. Stressing yourself out about other people will only hinder your confidence.
  3. Even though it is senior year, this work still matters. Expecting to coast through senior year is an unlikely feat. Put work in now so that you can relax the second half of the year during ‘senior spring.’
  4. Take time for yourself. Mental health is so much more important than that homework assignment you were up all night working on. Make time to do things you love. Take a bath, read a book you are interested in, get food from your favorite restaurant (even if this means going to Qdoba every day), take a nap, or watch your favorite movie or TV show on Netflix.
  5. Fall senioritis does exist. You will think that since you are a senior you don’t need to do homework because “it doesn’t really matter.” I certainly have wondered this on a few occasions at midnight with my head nestled in an economics textbook. Remember that you should use this year to prepare you for all that is to come. Stay hard working because senior spring will be here before you know it. Getting good grades will still give you the same gratification you got the past three years.
  6. Be happy for one another. No matter how jealous you are that someone got into college in October, you should celebrate your peers’ achievements. You will want people to be excited for you when you get in too!
  7. Crying is okay. Sometimes you just need to blast sad Billy Joel music in your car and let things go. According to biochemist William H. Frey II crying can help relieve stress. He also found that the average woman cries 5.3 times a month and the average man cries 1.3 times a month, so crying is totally normal and even good for you!
  8. Eat healthy. For some reason ‘Senior Fall 15’ exists–keep yourself in shape for the ‘Freshman 15’ next year. Stress eating is normal, but it isn’t a good idea to go to the grocery store stressed (you will bring home a container of cheese balls).
  9. Make sure to take advantage of all of your final traditions and the activities that the school runs. Join a club you have admired since freshman year; sign up for the senior dance at pep rally; or try out for the One Acts. As someone who did both of these things I can tell you that putting yourself out there is so much fun, even if it means dabbing in front of the whole school. You will only regret what you don’t do.
  10. The light at the end of the tunnel is almost here. Power through! You will get through it and you will have a great senior spring filled with fun and hopefully no stress. And in the meantime, follow these tips, take a few deep breaths and make lemonade out of your senior fall.

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  1. I’m glad you made this list. I don’t think we get enough advice from seniors on how to survive school.

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