August 18, 2018

Barney Frank Retires From National Politics

Recognizing Frank’s indelible impact on our community and our schools

Jonathan Stepakoff ’14
Staff Writer

On Monday, November 28, democratic congressman Barney Frank announced that after 30 years in the House of Representatives that he will not run in the upcoming elections.

Frank served as the representative for Massachusetts’ fourth congressional district since 1981 and he from 2007-2011 was the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

Frank cared about and was an instrumental figure in the improvement of public schools. He voted yes on the 40-billion dollar bill for green public schools, a bill which, according to the congressional statement proposed the “modernization, renovation, or repair of public schools, including early learning facilities and charter schools, to make them safe, healthy, high-performing, and technologically up-to-date.”

While Frank’s views on education affect the student body greatly, as an openly gay man, he also serves as a role model on fair treatment of gays. “As a democrat I am disappointed about his retirement. I politically and personally respected him for his outspoken attitude and opinions and the fact that he is openly gay politician and clearly not afraid of what others think of him,” said Aidan Cort ’12.

In addition to fighting for gay rights, Frank fought for the rights of all minorities. He voted yes on 84 million dollars in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges.

While his contributions have been important to the fields of education and civil rights, some students agree with his decision to retire. “I think he did a great job for Massachusetts, but I’m not terribly disappointed that he isn’t running again. I think that anywhere in the government, it is important to continuously introduce new people,” said Annie McCauley ’12.

Voters will elect his replacement in 2012.

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