September 25, 2018

Athlete of the Month: Zander Liem Sails to the Top

Idan Waksman ’14
Staff Writer
Fun-filled and enthusiastic, Alexander Liem, is someone you wouldn’t want to miss out on, he has the ability to master the art of sailing, while being supportive to all his teammates.
Liem ’11 began sailing at eight years old. By the age of ten, he was racing competitively. He learned to sail at Camden Yacht Club in Camden, Maine, and continues to sail there every summer.He has been on the varsity sailing team all four years of high school and became the captain during his junior year.

Liem also participated in a school race team while living in France during middle school. Zander brought his knowledge back to the high school and sailing coach Sage Orr said of him, “Zander is highly motivated and skilled as a sailor. His boat speed is second to none and is able to execute any team or fleet racing strategy necessary.”
“He knows everything” added teammate Brittany Juliano. “His understanding of boats and sailing in general is amazing.”
Liem strives to be the best sailor he can and to help his peers succeed. “I’ve been towards the top of a lot of the teams I’ve been on, not only doing well at races, but helping a lot of team members become better sailors themselves” he said.
Not only is he impressive on the water, he plays an important role in motivating and inspiring his teammates out as well. “Losing Zander next year will be hard. Like I’ve said, he is an amazing sailor, and has taken a huge leading role on the team which will be hard to replace” said Juliano.
Zander is a key member of the WHS sailing team and strives to always contribute his best form. “He has been a core member of the team these past three years, and now, as a captain is a great leader,” said Orr.
Though Zander hasn’t heard from any colleges so far, he plans on pursuing his love for sailing, depending on the different colleges he gets in to.

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